Like Silver and Gold, Copper has also been used as currency even as early as 600 B.C. amongst the ancient Romans. For decades the United States Mint made their one cent pennies out of copper, but that practice was discontinued in the 1980’s when the value of copper in the coin exceeded that of $0.01. With ever increasing copper prices, many investors turn to copper as a safe haven metal.

Minting in special Copper Bullion "rounds" in copper has existed for quite some time. They are minted to the highest specifications in .999 fine copper. When working with copper bullion we measure it in terms of A.V.D.P. ounces (Avoirdupois), otherwise known as regular Postal Ounces. 

Each copper coin comes in a clear plastic protective case.  At the time of placing an order, notify us if the protective case is not desired, and we will reduce your invoice by $1.00.

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